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Welcome to the Morningstar Engineering & Trading Family!  We provides different kinds of Ethiopian coffee.
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History and background

Morningstar engineering and trading P.L.C has been registered & established under Ethiopian law and is engaged in the export of Ethiopian coffee, gemstone, and industrial minerals in worldwide.

The company has more substantial financial resources and performance and has experience working with different domestic banks. The company has worked in the domestic coffee trade for the last 3 years, boosting the founder’s commitment to go to the international market.

Ethiopia is the homeland of coffee. Ethiopian coffees, which have a mostly fruity taste, grow mainly in their natural areas and even with little care. Wet-processed Ethiopian coffees are brightly colored.


After preliminary assessment test result the arrival coffee sample sent to Addis Ababa Export warehouse center in order to standardize and pack should have hulling and polishing by export hulling machine, tasted by export coffee liquoring unit (CLU) at Addis Ababa. If it fits for export standard sent to international market based on contract agreement with the buyer.

raw coffee and processed coffee

raw coffee

The harvested red ripened cherries are harvested and picked from trees with a high production and without any disease or other affliction. 

proccessed coffee

The product of our organization washed and sun-dried coffee is processed and transport to ECX to be tasted preliminary coffee quality assessment.

Morningstar Engineering and Trading Coffee exporter is considered as one of the largest exporters of raw and processed coffee from Ethiopia.

our coffee farm

coffee seedings

They are grown in nursery beds or polybags and are planted in the coffee fields when they reach 20-40 cm. 

coffee farm place

Oromia Region, West Arsi Zone Nensabo and Bale Zone Harena Bulek Woreda.

Our Recent activities

The company has the potential to supply washed and natural Arabica specialty coffee all over the world. The company has a capable export traders including licensed grade to handle the activities in reliable and honest manner.